Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crazy But Awesome Theatre Project

In my theatre class we are doing a quick but intense project. We had to pick a person from history that we would realistically have a chance at playing in a movie (so we have to look somewhat like them). Then we do research on them and basically get to know them as much as possible. But that means going further than just looking at facts. We had to draw our own conclusions about them. Then we're going to "become" them and have a debate in character over some document.

Here's where it gets crazy. The person I chose is Eva Braun.

Who's Eva Braun? Perhaps you would have a better idea if I used her married name: Eva Hitler. That's right. Hitler's secret girlfriend and wife (for 32 hours).

Don't worry, I'm not a Nazi-sympathizer or anything. But after looking at Eva's life, I do feel bad for her.
She was trapped. She had fallen utterly in love with Hitler at the age of 17. In return he ignored her most of the time, and then kept her locked up so that she couldn't go anywhere or do anything without his permission. She was his personal prisoner. But she didn't see it like that. She was a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. She saw only the good in him. But as Eva got older, and Nazi Germany was coming to a close, she became depressed and saw how terrible things were looking for her future. Hitler refused to get married. He didn't want a woman to get in the way of his political success.
In the end, Eva showed up at the bunker in Berlin. Hitler told her to return to Munich, but she refused. She had given him her entire life, and she wasn't betraying him now. She refused, she wanted to follow him to whatever end. In return for her loyalty, he married her.

I don't mean to romanticize Hitler. He was a pig. He basically paid her off for all of the time he spent away from her. He was an extremely controlling person. Not to mention he was mentally ill and created a political party that was at fault for the most historic genocide.
But I want people to see Eva as a real person. She wasn't just some looney, following his every step. She was blinded by love. She could have picked a better guy but...oh well.

So yeah. I'm excited for the debate. It's funny how in the beginning I chose to do this project on Eva Braun because I thought she was an idiot who used suicide attempts to get attention from Hitler because she wanted his money and power. But she didn't even know who he was at first. And after she had been treated with a house and clothes and whatever material things she wanted, all she really wanted was for him to spend time with her.
So now, truly, I feel bad for her.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy Week!!!

First of all I'd like to send thousands of hugs and well wishes to all of those affected in the Boston bombings and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. Two tragic events that shouldn't have happened.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013










Friday, March 8, 2013

This crazy thing called life.

So I've gotten everything that I was freaking out about taken care of. Anatomy project has begun, and the Senior Project fiasco will be taken care of on Tuesday. I truly love my adviser. She is the sweetest and most helpful lady ever. I feel like she truly does want me to succeed in this project. I've already accepted that I won't be able to get a PERFECT score, but all I want from it at this point is my diploma ;)

And to make myself feel even better, I ordered a few things from Amazon. Two Christophe Maé CDs (my collection is getting closer and closer to being complete!) and The Sims 3 University Life. I can't wait to get my package!

Also, I had a very relaxing day. I should have been working all day...buuut I'm feeling more optimistic. I guess I was just VERY sleep deprived.

I think it's time to listen to some French music and play some sims....

Happy simming!

Uh...or living...I guess?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



That's how I feel right now.

Why, may you ask?

Because I thought spring break was in 3 weeks which would give me two weeks to do my toothpaste experiment for anatomy, but now it looks like I'm only getting a week and a half. This is so---ghahkaljgdslkjasdlkgjlkasdj

And yes. I did procrastinate. But it isn't totally my fault because I need to print something off and I have no ink in my printer. And it MUST be in color otherwise there's no point. So I'm printing it off tonight and the experiment will start this friday and then end the monday after next. So that's 10 days instead of 14. This is agldfkjgadlskgjvlashglksadljkljsdfkljsdkljjklsdkljdsdsfsd. *headdesk* I just want to crawl in a hole and neverevereverever come out. Evereverever again.

Now I'm going to do my math homework and listen to some French music to get my mind off the fact that I've screwed myself over-- ONCE AGAIN-- and yeah.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So Stressed.

I am so stressed my body is aching. I feel like puking. But I can't. I have way too much to do. It's because I procrastinate way too much. Now for my psychology paper I have to make up some data.... And I still have a research paper to write for anatomy, and a research EXPERIMENT to conduct. Blegh. Not to mention the stupid-freaking-what-the-heck-were-they-thinking-when-making-this-stupid-cookie-cutter-rubric senior project. And it's really ridiculous because they want us to have so much in our portfolios that not everyone can get. I mean, MEDIA COVERAGE?!?!? I have two friends who LEGALLY can not get that. One interned at a law firm and had to sign a contract saying that she would not disclose any information of the cases she helped out with. Another worked with the Salvation Army and couldn't take pictures because some of the kids he worked with were in the witness protection program.
And my project didn't work out as I had originally planned because I was under the assumption that I could complete everything by April and be fine. But noooo. Our physical project had to be done in December. So I couldn't get a schedule worked out that would allow me to present the project to a larger group of kids. I really hope that that doesn't lead to them being like "umm, sorry, but working with 5 girls when one of them is your step-sister doesn't count." Because that would be bull.
But I do have an awesome, amazing, wonderful adviser who is going to let me present to a class or two of hers and then she (or someone) will take pictures. She's also going to send said pictures to the district media person and try to get it on the district website or on the newsletter that gets sent out. Then I'd have that as my media coverage. I also have to make up a bunch of journal entries and a time log.
And you know, I wouldn't have to make those up if they handed us the rubrics for the portfolio and presentation in the beginning! GAHHHHH.

And the worst part? I HAVE to pass this to be able to graduate.

I would go on about how frustrating college planning is too, but I'm exhausted and I still have anatomy homework. I also have math homework, but eff that. (AKA: I'll do it during my open period.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I learned in French Class Today.

Today was all about names. This is how it started:

Mme: << Blah blah blah story blah blah blah Ferdinand Cheval blah blah blah nom et prénom...>>

Student: << So how would you say "middle name?">>

Mme: << You don't. There's no "middle name" in French.>>

Same student: << YOU DON'T HAVE A MIDDLE NAME?!?! CAN I GIVE YOU ONE?!?!?>>

Mme: << No, I mean, in French you usually have three "noms.">>

Practically everyone: << WHAT ARE YOURS?!?!?!>>*

And then she told us her full name...which is and isn't long. It's long because it's three different names, but it isn't long because the three names were all pretty short. BUT, then she tells us about how her last name is Italian and so it's a hyphenated last name and she's related to Christopher Columbus. Oh, but wait, she was born in Ethiopia (WTHeck?) but her birth records were in Latin/Italian so her prénoms were actually Italian when she was born. And she had a grandmother whose name was ____ _____ Spaghetti. True story. Basically:

My French teacher was born in Ethiopia but she's half Italian so she was given an Italian name and then she was raised in France then moved to the US for college and got married to an American and only her first kid has a French style name because the social security people were butts and got confused too often. OH! And now she's teaching a high school French class with some Hispanics, a few Asians and a Native American kid. Could she get any more culturally confusing?!

So then the discussion turned into "How do other cultures pick names?" And what I learned was:

Chinese names seem to have something to do with what time of the year you were born.
In Mexican culture, for your surname, you use your mother's maiden name and then add "de" and then put your father's last name.
In Nez Perce you are given a name as a child and then you are renamed when you become an "adult" (not necessarily 18). So men have a boy-name that they go by when they are still kids, and then they later get their man-name. But sadly, my friend may not ever get a man-name because the names are recycled through generations and the last person who had his boy-name, never took a man-name.

So yeah. It was aaalll about names and naming traditions today. It was actually pretty interesting. And just a hilarious class....There was a LOT of laughing today.

*My class really isn't that enthusiastic, but the loud students are...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something that really disgusts me.

So, you may have seen it already if you live in the area, but just recently on Facebook there's been a picture going around of a kid being hazed at a high school. There are soooo many things wrong with this. To name a few:
3. [At least] One of the perps (jerks) just got signed to play on a college football team. Are you really so stupid that you decide to post something like this NOW?!
4. Hazing in general is a dick move AND ILLEGAL.

So, I'm not going to link you to any accounts of the person who did this and then posted the picture, but I will link you to a post ABOUT it on Facebook:

I'm hoping that you can see that.

I'm just so disgusted that someone could do that and think that it's no big deal. It doesn't even matter if the kid was actually hurt mentally or physically. What matters is that by doing that and then posting it on the internet, you are supporting the act. The main perp (the one who posted it) is trying to brush it off as if it's no big deal. Some of his friends are even saying things like "If you really knew these guys you'd know they meant no harm." And again, it doesn't matter if they MEANT harm, simply by posting the photo on the internet they are hurting themselves and true victims of such a horrible crime.

Bullying and hazing are not one in the same. Bullying is done to be mean or "punish" someone either for something they "did" or for something that's "wrong" with them that they have no control over. Hazing is seen as a "rite of passage." The reason I'm calling this a hazing incident is because it was between an underclassmen and some upperclassmen who look to be on some sort of team.
Another HUGE difference is that bullying usually is not a DIRECT* cause of death. Hazing very well could be. Now, I'm not saying that it was or will be in this particular circumstance, but many times it is.

All in all, this just totally disgusts me. I mean, how could you do something like this and think it's OK? I really hope that the school and local authorities get wind of this and treat it as a hazing case and not just a bullying case. These jerks deserve to have this follow them through life. I bet they wouldn't be getting signed to college teams if the colleges had known about this beforehand.

*Bullying can lead to suicide, but suicide would then be the cause of death. In extremely serious cases, hazing can be a direct cause of death (it would then be most likely categorized as 2nd degree murder, or manslaughter).

UPDATE: The victim in the picture just posted on his Facebook that it was all in good fun. But I'm still holding to my view that posting the picture is supporting the act.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm like a week behind buuuut....

I'm FINALLY 18!! Wow. That took like.... EIGHTEEN YEAAARS.

So yeah. It happened last week. Nothing really changes. And I don't have a job so I don't have to worry about taxes this year. *Sigh of relief*

So my mom and I went out to lunch with my Grandma and her sister, then we went to this exhibit called "Bodies Revealed." That was interesting.
Then at my dad's we went out to dinner, and I just got my gift from him yesterday. An iPod Touch 4. 16gb...yeah it's weak, but I didn't want to shock him too much by asking for a 32 or 64gb ;) Besides, I just really wanted an iPod. This is my first one. Ever. I've had mp3 players before. One by Zune, which was awesome, and one by Samsung. But I was ready for the camera and the apps and the face time with Gracie (we need to try that out still). So yeah. All in all, it was a pretty bomb birthday.



We've had some rough patches throughout the years, and we haven't seen each other in FOREVER, but I'd just like you to know that you really are my go-to-tell-everything-first-best-friend. I might have other best friends, but they aren't as best as you ;) You're like my, most-bestest-freaking-awesome-est-can-tell-anything-est friend...est.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas/Happy whatever-you-celebrate!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! I haven't been blogging as regularly as I'd like. Things have been the tiniest bit crazy. But a good crazy.

My senior project is AAAALLLLL done!

Christmas was pretty good. I got almost $300 worth of Amazon gift cards, the first hundred I opened early and used that to buy some stuff before Christmas. I bought myself Aim & Ignite by Fun., Comme a la Maison by our favorite French hottie (Christophe Maé), and some pretty nice new headphones. They are shaped differently. They have a space that sits in the flat of your ear, and then the part that actually goes in is off to the side. So it's more of a natural fit. The speaker head is also shaped like and oval instead of a circle.
I also got a telescope, which I can't wait to try out on Friday! And an iHome for my kindle fire. Never knew they made them for the kindle, but they do! (Of course it isn't a charging dock, but it has a spot for you to put the device so that it leans back against the base. And it came with speakers, which was what I actually wanted.) Oh! I also got a new shelf for my room! I know it's trivial, but I needed one EXTREMELY badly. It's one of the cubbyhole shelves.

So now I'm looking forward to the new year. It's truly going to be a new start for me. I know they say high school is where you "find who you are," but I feel like that's actually more of a college thing. Yeah you kind of figure out where you fit in, in high school. But you are still so dependent on other people. At least until you are old enough to get a real job, but even with a job you still depend on other people more than you would think. So I'm looking forward to moving out. Of course I'm scared as heck, but I think it will be OK. It's not like I'm the first person to ever do this.

Well, now I'm going to go back to playing sims, and I think I'll pop that new cd of mine into the computer and get those songs onto my kindle ;)

And just in case I don't get back on for a while, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!